Founded by Massimi Luigi in the 1954 in the Marche region, that is still the cradle of the footwears, the shoefactory MARY CLAUD even if continues to have a family management. Know how to adapt to the development of the fashion and of the demands of the clientele, without rimoving to its artisan beginning. So the footwears MARY CLAUD are realized accurately, excellent in confort, flexibility, refinement, technological innovation. The exclusive technology goes with the alternative choise of the older's experience, today supported by his two sons  ability, Claudio e Stefano, is garantee of quality search of the perfection.Here how an ancient work, also in the continuos stilistyc evolution, becomes an art. The Shoefactory MARY CLAUD, for a long time pays attention to the demands and applications of the market, can propose varied forms and models for all demand of the clientele, always proposing modern products and using materials of the first quality.
Handmade in Italy
MARY CLAUD, always attentive to customer needs, anticipate fashion trends in the creation of its models, anticipating tastes with continuous product development and cutting edge.
Since its inception MARY CLAUD has always tried to combine harmoniously the ancient footwear tradition with the continuous technological innovation, thanks to the great experience of its staff, always attentive to what the industry offers.
MARY CLAUD, in addition to its own brand, guarantees the best value for money and brand Gen.Leather, boasts the label Made in Italy, to guarantee a shoe created entirely in Italy in all its phases, from design up to the its packaging.
The purpose of providing a high quality product, "Made in Italy" and with an excellent value for money, has allowed MARY CLAUD to collect general approval both in the domestic and export markets.

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Calzaturificio Mary Claud snc    Via Cefalonia, 13  62012 Civitanova Marche - MC - Italy
Calzaturificio Mary Claud snc
di Massimi Claudio, Stefano & C.

Via Cefalonia, 13
62012 Civitanova Marche - MC - Italy


Reg. Imprese C.C.I.A. Mc

P.Iva IT 01745050433

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